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Motorcycle Boots - Features That Make Ideal Footwear

Italian mobsters are notorious for taking extreme measures in order to safeguard their life and well-being. If you have always been a fan of mobster flicks, chances are you were mesmerized by the lustrous, trendy and classy leather jackets donned by Donnie Brasco. Ever since the groundbreaking success of that film, Donnie Brasco style jackets have been widely sought out by mechanics, biker boys/girls and any other individual who likes to sport a dashing look! Another bike apparel item that has gained immense popularity amongst the general public is a pair of high quality motorcycle boots.

Aside from the glamorous look displayed by biker boots, they also serve to protect the feet in the event of a crash. Protective footwear is significant because a foot injury will not only prevent you from riding but will also deter you from going to your basketball practice or any other favorite pastime. To elicit maximum advantage from your riding boots, make sure that they have the following features.

• It won't be an exaggeration to say that our roads and highways have become breeding grounds for fatalities. A minor oversight with regards to one's safety can therefore, sentence one to a lifetime of regret. Motorbike boots manufactured from thick rubber or heavy leather protect the ankles, feet and shins from gravel, spilled-oil and pebbles.

• Since toes are the most vulnerable regions of the feet, proper riding apparel would be incomplete without the presence of a motorcycle boot fitted with steel toes. The hard steely surface acts as a cushion for the toes thereby minimizing the damage caused by a rough impact.

• To derive maximum benefit from your footwear, it should serve as a comfortable fit. To ensure attractive fitting, Harley Davidson boots have zipper flaps or high-quality lace-ups attached to them. The lace-ups can be tightened or loosened depending on one's level of comfort and can be safely tucked in to avoid potential distractions.

• Any esteemed riding veteran will tell you that for aggressive riders, a firm grip on the pedals could create a difference between life and death! Ankle biker boots having medium heels provide a strong hold on the foot pegs, thereby decreasing the rider's chances of skidding off the road.

• Amongst all health complaints highlighted by bikers, scathed feet occupy the foremost position. These burns are caused by fumes emanating from the exhaust. To counter this problem, most men motorcycle boots are made from vented material that allows free air circulation thereby preventing the soles of the feet from overheating.

• Whereas it is essential for a biker boot to offer durability and slip-resistance, a visually appealing exterior is a plus point when it comes to generating an outstanding look that sets you apart from the herd! Fortunately, motorcycle boots for women are available in bold and sumptuous colors such as red, pink, blue, purple and orange. So all of you female bikers out there should renounce your inhibitions and experiment with these head-turning color combinations!

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