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Writing Articles on Motorcycle Topics Considered

Riding motorcycles is exhilarating, and it hardly matters what type of motorcycle you are riding. Many of us grow up riding dirt bikes, or get our first Street bike as a teenager. We end up watching the races, and then going and trying some of those tricks on our own. As folks get older they wish to slowdown a little bit and they might get themselves a Harley-Davidson and enjoy the open road, there is nothing better. Just man and machine and the ultimate freedom - that's what motorcycling is all about.

Over the past few years I've written a number of articles trying to explain this to people, and I've also read a number of online articles authored by others. What I find is there is a big difference in the style of writing, and the passion behind the words. If you're going to write on motorcycle topics then you need to understand this, and bring that emotion forward for your reader. You might think it is difficult to come up with subtopics on the subject of motorcycles, but I assure you it's not. Below are just a few of the subtopics, which are the most read types of motorcycle articles online;

Industry Sales
Motorcycle Gangs
Traffic Laws, Rules
Motorcycle Racing
Side Car Equipment
Industry Innovations
Motorcycle Touring and Rides

If you're going to write articles that review equipment or new cycles, then you really need to ride it, before you write about it. Far too many people read reviews in popular magazines on motorcycles, and then try to rewrite their articles, but it never does justice to the bike, and it is unfair to the reader as you are giving bad advice, and using trickery tactics in doing so. Insurance is a big topic, and it is an important one because bikes are dangerous, and unfortunate events can occur.

The industry itself is pretty interesting as there are always new accessories, innovations, and the ups and downs of the economic sectors. Then there are the racing teams and all of their news, and about the time you finish one article, there's another race somewhere giving you something else to write about.

Another set of topics enjoyed by readers are articles about the X Games, and extreme motorcycling. There is quite an abundance of thirst out there for this type of online content, but there are just not enough writers on this subject to do it justice. If you love motorcycles, and love the freedom, and if you find yourself authoring articles, I hope you will help me out in preparing quality content on the subject.

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